The Growth of Mobile Marketing and Tagging – infographic via Microsoft Tag

As you know I'm a huge fan of QR Codes but let's not forget about Microsoft Tags. Like QR Codes, Microsoft Tags have a similar value in allowing mobile users to easily scan and interacte with mobile content. To explain, the Microsoft Tag team has create the The Growth of Mobile Marketing and Tagging infographic. Take a look below.

Learn More about Mobile Tagging at Microsoft Tag.

Have you scanned or seen a Microsoft Tag recently?

How Google plans to dominate location in 2011 with 9 different products

Leading up to 2010 everyone said it would be the year of location-based services. The blogs were all saying location, location, location as the next big thing and apps such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Whrrl and TriOut were all trying to capitalized on the opportunity. While most location-based services are mobile applications for the iPhone and Android with the steady momentum in the location space what does it mean for the search, especially Google. For most part of the year Google Latitude, Google's most popular location-based application was only available via a web application for the [...]

Pitch: opens new social community focused on similar interests

The Pitch, a new online community built to connect people with common interests, announces the public beta launch of its service ( Unlike other social networks, which essentially see viewers connecting with the same people from site to site, regardless of their personal connections, Simler is focused on finding similar people through similar interests. Upon signing up, a new user "tags himself/herself" with relevant attributes that describe him/her, and Simler uses these "tags" in order to connect people with similar interests.

Discussion in Simler is used to [...]

Why Facebook @ tagging / mentions won’t affect Twitter’s growth or will it? Let the tweets decide

The Facebook vs Twitter war just kicked into high gear today as Facebook launched a rocket announcing that soon you'll be able to "Tag Friends in Your Status and Posts" with a simple notion of the @ sign. Ohhhh, Awww. The initial announcement was made here:

Three of the top social media/tech blogs, Mashable (2), TechCrunch and Read Write Web already have a post talking about the move. Each with a different post title leaning toward how Facebook's friends tagging feature is related to Twitter.

Mashable Post Title

TechCrunch Post Title

I’m embarrassed, upset and saddened by those trending topic tweets! Does a Race have a brand?

The tag

My rant
I can't take it anymore, I just looked at the trending topics on Twitter and number one is #uknowublackwhen and the tweets that flowing in at an alarming rate are TERRIBLE! Most of the tweets are racist, stereotypical and appalling. To some they may be funny but to me they're not. It just shows to others that we need to learn some online etiquette ASAP!

Why is this a problem?
In my world, I talk with businesses about protecting their brand, building content and how to use social media to communicate with potential costumers. Businesses are now looking at potential [...]