Friday Fix: Seven FriendFeed Friends to Subscribe to, the ladies edition

Last week I posted Friday Fix five guys to follow on FriendFeed and as promised with some help from my FriendFeed buddy Jeffisageek here's the ladies edition.

Wife, new mom, and FF superstar. Oh yeah, that's right.
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Just a geeky girl with a geeky job married to a geeky guy and mother to a geeky kid. What more could you ask for?

Twitter poll & feedback: What would you do without Twitter, build your own community?

If you have been reading the tech news lately then I'm sure you have seen the rumors about Google buying twitter and that Facebook tried to buy twitter? On Saturday Techcrunch posted an article from Google's CEO Eric Schmidt interview with Charlie Rose, saying that it was "Unlikely" that Google to buy Twitter.  On Friday, I was thinking about the same topic and posted a tweet saying:

If twitter goes down or purchased & closed, where will you send everyone to contact you?
Take a look at the results below curiosity of @twickie

jimoz: All 3 plus Friendfeed

about a day ago