Presentation: Location Based Marketing in 2010

Today I spoke at the Triangle AMA Social Media Boot Camp about location based marketing. Below is my presentation which includes a definition of what I believe location based marketing is/should be. Take a look below.

Location based marketing is the interaction with customers by their location offering value based opportunities to increases customer loyalty and social sharing in which you can measure.

What are your thoughts on location based marketing?

What are your business content goals for 2010?

It's the first day back to work in 2010 for most of the world and I'm sure you have already seen plenty of blog post already on new year resolutions and more, but this is not one of them. On January 1st I tweeted "1 of my major goals for 2010 is to produce better content which included blog post, videos & podcast that leads to business & new relationships. Also not included in the tweet is to "engage" more with industry colleagues and potential clients through commenting and offline networking events.

My primary content channels are:
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