infographic – Apple’s iPhone history and specifications

As some of you know I'm a big fan of the iPhone. I have purchased ever version of the iPhone from the first generation to the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is by far the best smartphone in the world (IMHO) because of the battery life, usability, the camera, the shape and access to the app store.

The infographic below by Website Monitoring Blog gives you a history along with facts and figures about Apple's much beloved iPhone.

via: iPhone Facts and Figures (history & specs) | Website Monitoring Blog.

Stats: #28daysofdiversity Week 3 in review. Hashtags and new projects start

The last week of #28daysofdiversity starts today. Here's a look at some the stats from last week.

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Blog/Media coverage about the 28 Days of Diversity project.

A new series started by Tina Shoulders laidbackchick: called 28 Days of Diversity in Design

You can see all of the first 22 here at

How to launch your own TinyURL service using WordPress. Yes, I have one too:

As you know the conversations about TinyURL services have really taken off the last few weeks. We have seen reports about raised $2 million in funding, the diggbar launches with tons of controversy and just yesterday Twitter ditched TinyURL for The team must be either real excited or real nervous about their future, either way congrats to them. Also a new custom TinyURL service called just launched that provides custom url and statics for your own domain name at $99.00 a year. But what if you wanted to launch your own TinyURL service for let's say, the cost of a [...]

Email marketing booming in the recession, Bronto’s CEO talks startups, marketing but thinking twitter with Tweetica

Yesterday Bronto, an email marketing service provider based in Durham, NC held an open house to invite the community to view their new office space. I got word about the open house event via twitter from a few of their coworkers (@Covati @djwaldow ) and decided to attend. Immediately when you walk in to the new Bronto, you'll notice a huge dinosaur which is their logo/mascot and bright painted walls.

The space is awesome & I'm hoping to host a few meetups in the future there too. The event started at 5:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. Bronto's CEO Joe Colopy (@colopy on twitter) gave a brief [...]