The New Golden Rules of Twitter

Over the last few weekends I have attended and participated in two new / social media conferences. Both were educational, fun, included great speakers but also had a few "distraction" moments in some form of social engagements via Twitter or another similar tool. Regardless of the situation it seems that some people have forgotten that we are all human and have feelings too. In this era of using social media to have a "voice", be heard or social change, sometimes we don't need to be heard at the expense of individual feelings or in some cases people's careers.

When Twitter was first [...]

Teaching Social Media at North Carolina Colleges

Last week I the opportunity to speak to a group of MBA students at NC State University about Social Media. Since the second half of 2008 I have been asked to either lead session or sit on panel covering various topics such as social networks, video blogging and using social media for journalism at Duke University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC). I have actually spoken at UNC 4 times in the last year and when I was asked to speak at NC State I felt as though I was completing the big 3 Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) university loop. (past speaking events [...]

All the Cool Kids Have ‘Em: Social Web Profile Aggregation Sites

I'm not sure if it started with Tim Van Damme but he sure did kick off a trend of new "Social Web Profile Aggregation" sites or social networking profile identity aggregation sites. Can you feel the "buzzwords" through your computer screen, lol. Either way since Tim's site was created one "Social Web Profile Aggregation" service has launched called and now there's a WordPress theme from John Saddington. Take a look at the WordPress theme below.

Hat tip to @Corvida who posted John's WordPress theme on her Posterous site. It's interesting that John calls his WordPress theme the "The [...]

Friday Fix: 5 social media post that cover brands, campaigns & policies for weekend reading

Yes another Social Media post, so I'll keep this one short. If you're a beginner or a proven veteran it doesn't hurt to review some winning and failed social media marketing stories from others. It also helps to review some old lessons and evaluate how you or your company is using social media now. Below are five social media post that should provide you with some useful tips on social media.

1. 10 things you should cover in your social networking policy

2. 7 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Failed (and how to fix it!)

3. 10 Social Media Campaigns that Failed! Avoid their mistakes!

4. [...]

Casual Friday: Google vs Twitter outreach, Maxim #1 fail and Angels & Demons preview – episode 037

It's casual Friday on Talk Social News we discuss: Google communicates on down time and shows twitter how to, Maxim's 100 Hottest Girls of 2009 number 1 fail and Angels and Demons movie preview.

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Twitter responds, Friendfeed updates and Jini movie search – episode 036

Today on Talk Social News we discuss: Twitter responds to #fixreplies, FriendFeed notifications and Jini launches a movie search engine.

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