Enterprise Mobility – Apps, Platforms and Devices – infographic

Infographic Description: The enterprises are witnessing a transformation led by smartphones and Tablets. Mobility is slowly becoming a critical part of IT strategy. As employees and business processes go mobile, we tried to decode enterprise mobility, crunch numbers to present before you an informative infographic detailing out the technology used in enterprise mobility, industry verticals that are at the forefront of mobilizing its operations and why enterprises are adopting mobility solutions. Our enterprise mobility infographic also takes a look at the state of enterprise applications, [...]

How Apple could disrupt the QR Code Reader App business and make QR Codes main stream in iOS5

When it comes to the QR Code marketing / implementation business one question I often would get is what is the best QR Code reader for xyz smartphone. That would include blackberry and nokia smartphones that come with a built in QR Code Reader/Scanner. But for the iPhone, Android and windows mobile smartphones you would have to search the various App stores for QR Code Reader or QR Code Scanner, read the reviews and try out the growing list of QR Code reader apps that for the most part does the exact same thing with the exception of a few security features or a faster reader.

With the [...]

Victoria’s Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone

I almost called this post Victoria's Secret brings sexy back to QR Codes but QR Codes were never sexy so that would be a lie. Instead I went with "Victoria's Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone". What do I mean? Just take a look at the photos below from Victoria's Secret new "Sexier Than Skin" ad campaign.

You may not be exactly undressing a women but the QR Code is placed in the right position covering up parts the models body that you can only see after you scan the QR Code. It's cleaver in terms of finding a way to use QR Codes / sex sells QR Code [...]

Google releases new smartphone data showing how everything is going mobile

79% of top advertisers don't have a mobile optimized website


Today google is hosting a webinar called "The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” at 11am PST/ 2pm EST (Registration link). Promoting the webinar google published a blog post with a lot of data showing how everything is going mobile. One stat not included in the text of the post but in the promotional video was that "79% of top advertisers don't have a mobile optimized website" which is kinda of shocking to me. It's 2011 and you know how big the mobile/smartphone market is, so what are you waiting for? [...]

Retailers beware, the Rise of Mobile Shopping – infographic

I often find myself comparing prices on ebay, amazon and even craigslist to see if I can find a product (often a gadget) cheaper. It's a growing trend that the infographic displays below. Therefore retailers beware of the rise of mobile shopping.

via Momads

Do you check the prices of products on your mobile phone while shopping to see if you can find it less expensive online?

3 ways to optimize your wordpress blog for any smartphone

A few days ago @Julio on twitter asked me:" J3V: @waynesutton quick question.. how did you optimize your wordpress blog for iphone and ipod touch?

My responsoe was that I use WPTouch mobile plugin made by Brave New Code and Alex King's Wordpress Mobile Edition plugin.  But I forgot to mention MoFuse which also allows you to create a mobile version of your blog and is not limited to just wordpress.  Here's a quick look at what your Wordpress blog would look like using the two plugins and Mofuse.

1 .
WPTouch mobile plugin

2. Wordpress Mobile Edition plugin


If you're looking for [...]