What location-based services, brands and marketers need to know from 11 tweets of #GEOChat one

Yesterday kicked off the first #GEOChat about all things location on Twitter. It started at 2:00 P.M. EST and lasted to 3:00 P.M. During #GEOChat I asked four different questions and received a lot of great feedback from location-based fanboys/ladies and a few from existing location platforms such as Pegshot and TriOut. You can read a full archive of #GEOChat via the TriOut blog here: #GEOChat one Archive .

Below are the four questions I asked during #GEOChat:
1. Who's using Facebook Places as their primary location-based service?
2. What is your number one [...]

Podcast #13 – The future of location-based apps? Checking in with @LawrenCecoburn & @DoubleDutch the build your own location-based startup.

This week on the SocialWayne.com Podcast I interviewed Lawrence Coburn (@lawrencecoburn) CEO of Double Dutch and Rate-it-all. During the podcast we discussed the future of location-based apps, why he named his location-based startup "Double Dutch", the location-based app war and more. Take a look at the questions below and listen to the podcast.


  • Who is Lawrence Coburn and how did you involved in the startup industry?
  • Double Dutch just launched during SXSW, give us the pitch and what was the inital feedback?
  • Is Double Dutch just iPhone only?
  • Why the name Double Dutch, [...]

Podcast #12: 9 questions with @Schneidermike on Location-Based Services: Foodspotting, Foursquare, check.in, Facebook & privacy

This week on the SocialWayne.com Podcast I had a chance to interview with an interview Schneidermike (@schneidermikeon) of allen and gerritsen. During the podcast I asked Schneidermike 9 questions on Location-Based Services, Foodspotting, Foursquare, check.in, Facebook and privacy. Take a look at the questions and listen to the podcast below.

1. Who is Schneidermike?
2. What are Schneidermike thoughts on why the location based industry is important and where is it going?
3. Schneidermike, you recently moderated a panel with Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, and Alexa [...]

Location Based Post Round-up: Geo / Location based news from the past week.

Location, Location, Location, that what was said at the end of 2009 of being the next big thing in "social media' or marketing or just the next big thing. Has it lived up to all the hype? I would say so but I'm a little bias because of TriOut. Regardless as more brands launch location based promotions and location-based startups just "launch" the location-based services/marketing industry is truly one to watch. Starting today I'm going to post a weekly round of location based blog post from around the social web. You know I wanted to call the post "This week in Location" but I'll let @Jason [...]

Is the future of location-based services that great or should they sell, sell, sell?

Remember this scene from the movie Trading Places?

Yesterday Ben Parr co-editor at Mashable wrote an article called "Dear Foursquare: This Is Not the Right Time to Sell" in which he discusses the uncertainty of the location-based industry and recent rumors of Yahoo buying FourSquare for $125 million. It's an interesting argument to make if the Foursquare team decides to sell or work towards being the "next big thing" as they have been called by so many industry leaders. In the post Ben highlights 5 factors to consider should Foursquare decide to sell or not: Those factors were:

  • [...]