Six examples of downtown Raleigh businesses using QR Codes

The QR Code marketing movement is underway across the USA and Raleigh is right there joining other major cities such as New York and Boston with various businesses using QR Codes. Especially downtown Raleigh, were there are two startups with QR Code reader iPhone apps, one printing company, a community event and other businesses with window QR code window clings. In the upcoming months everyone will be adding QR Readers to their existing mobile apps along with various marketing agencies looking to see how they stay ahead of the other and add QR Codes with their clients marketing efforts...

Announcing Design Box partnership to launch coworking/incubator space downtown Raleigh

Today I'm pleased to announce that I've partnered with Aly Khalifa of Gamil to launch BetaBox at Design Box downtown Raleigh. BetaBox is the coworking services hosted at Design Box and will feature daily, weekly, and monthly desk rentals along with conference room and meeting spaces. Coworking downtown Raleigh has been long desired from the community in Raleigh, NC and we're both excited to launch it at Design Box. Some of the office amenities include 6,000 square feet open creative environment, 25 available workstations (4 Desk, 2 private offices, 2 conference areas, 1 quiet phone room, [...]

Apple iPhone 4 @ Crabtree Valley Mall. Hello, iPhone. Good-bye, day.

Guest post by: @PennyMoxie

I told the guy who would be buying  my old phone that I would call him when I was out of the Apple store.  "What time do you think that will be", he asked.  I wanted to be CONSERVATIVE, so I replied, "about 9:00am.  I'm getting there at 6:45, so i can't imagine it will take that long."  I'm a first-class fool.

6:30am   I put my 5-year-old in the car and told her she was going with me to "pick-up my new iPhone" at the mall.  I figured she would get fidgety in the store, but we wouldn't be there that long.  At one point, while driving to Crabtree Valley [...]

Presentation: Using WordPress to build your brand & telling your start-up story from @WordCampRaleigh #wcraleigh

This past weekend I had the chance to attend and speak at WordCamp Raleigh @WordCampRaleigh. I think this was my fourth or fifth time attending a WordCamp event and my third time speaking at one. I must say by far that WordCamp Raleigh was the best one yet. The event was organized by Steve Mortiboy @wpsmort, Michael Torbet @michaeltorbert and Craig Tuller @craigtuller, along with a great team of volunteers. During the 2 day camp I met some awesome WordPress developers and speakers such as Syed @wpbeginner, Lisa Sabin-Wilson @LisaSabinWIlson, Dave Moyer @DaveMoyer and more. Also I had [...]

Video: Goals, highlights, crashes & falls from NC’s first Segway Polo Game. via @TriSegway

Today history was made when Triangle Segway held North Carolina's first Segway Polo game at the City Plaza downtown Raleigh. I was fortune enough to take part and record some video footage. Take a look below and if you want take part in the next game contact Todd at Triangle Segway or come out and watch on April 24.

Here are a few photos from today's historic event:

*Discalmer: This is not a sponsored post but I'm friends with the owners of Triangle Segway and they are awesome.

Have you rode a Segway or played Segway Polo before? If so tell me about your experience in the comments. [...]

14 Social Media Professionals to watch in 2010 from the Triangle, NC

If there's two things most of my friends and colleagues know about me is that I love living in the Triangle, NC area which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and that I love technology/gadgets/social media. This area has one of the largest and smartest technology communities in the world and more than often I think is over looked by others.

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from someone asking about what cities have strong social media communities and they were listing New York, Austin, Miami and the "Valley" which are worthy but don't forget about the Triangle area too. With more [...]

19 reasons why the Triangle is better than Silicon Valley my #IgniteRaleigh presentation

So last night was the big night, the first ever Ignite event was held in Raleigh, NC called Ignite Raleigh. Myself along with Jeff Cohen, Kipp Bodnar, Ryan Boyles aka team OurHashTag organized the event but we had a lot of help from Zach Ward of DSI Comedy and volunteers. I was extremely nervous to give my talk but was very excited about the event as I have watch the success of other Ignites take place across the world such as New York, Portland and Boulder, CO. Speaking of Boulder I must thank Andrew Hyde who provided me with a lot advice on how to plan an Ignite event. Also thanks to Brady [...]