Which Demographics Use Social Media The Most – Report and #infographic

In February 2013 Pew Research released their research on the Demographics of Social Media. Which has some interesting data such as:

77% of the average age of social media users are between 30-49
71% of women use social media versus 62% of men
The household income of top social media use is less than $30k

The ethnicity breakdown is:
Hispanics 72%
Black, Non-Hispanic 68%
White, Non-Hispanic, 65%

I was also interviewed by USA Today about the diversity of social media use in an article called: Minorities rush to Twitter, Instagram, smartphones

H/T: Divas & [...]

Suicide in Success, Race and Social Media

Suicide is one of those topics that is not talked about enough like AIDS, HIV, and other serious issues that should be discussed more openly instead how to get more twitter followers or increasing your klout score. Suicide in tech and social media has been a topic more recently in the past year with the deaths of Ilya Zhitomirskiy, co-founder of at the age of 22 and Trey Pennington which both sent shock waves to their colleagues and those who they had a relationship with online.

For the black/African-American community suicide is hardly a thought for most as there's enough black on [...]

When I met Michael Arrington in Silicon Valley this summer we talked about this interview….CNN Black In America 4 Documentary

Ok, things are clearly getting out of control with this whole Michael Arrington, black Entrepreneurs, CNN, Black In America 4, Silicon Valley documentary. From someone who lived it and was in the middle of this whole thing let me tell you my view point and why I think a lot of the unnecessary attacks, blog post, tweets and all needs to slow down. You can call this a butt kissing post, make up or whatever but here’s my story/opinion.

When I met Arrington twice this summer in Silicon Valley.

While working on NewMe Accelerator this summer and going to Silicon Valley there were a hand full a [...]

What you really need to know from the how black people use Twitter article on the Slate.com

Today while looking at Techmeme I saw the post titled "How Black People Use Twitter" an article/research from the Slate.com written by Farhad Manjoo @fmanjoo. A few things bothered me when I first saw the headline. One is what in the world is Techmeme's link policy? I know it's part algorithm, part human and part buddy system. The other is being "Black/African-American" I care about the overall public perception about what is reportedly being published online about how African-Americans use Twitter and other social networks. The Slate article is not the first post about how "supposedly" [...]