Facebook Places Poll results: Will users check-in with Facebook Places?

Facebook places was announced yesterday and I created a poll to see if my social graph would use it. I asked the following question:"Will you check-in with Facebook Places?" with the options of:

  • No, I'm going to stick with my current location-based app?
  • Yes, I'm going to use Foursquare, Yelp or Gowalla to check-in & post to Facebook
  • No, I don't get location-based apps
  • Yes, I'm going to use Facebook places only to check-in?
  • and an option for other.

Here are the results below:

No, I'm going to stick with my current location-based app?29.31%Yes, I'm going [...]

Poll: Will you check-in with Facebook Places?

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Early today Facebook announced Facebook Places a way for Facebook users to check into locations. Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook places was created for three main reasons:
1. To help people share where they are
2. To show people/places around you
3. To show what's going on and discover new places around you

As some of you know there are over 67 location-base applications such as TriOut, Brightkite, Whrrl, Loopt along with the applications that presented at Facebook HQ tonight that included Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp and MyTown. Now we can officially add [...]

Your feedback and results from the location based social network/app poll

Last Thursday I created a poll listing 17 location-based social networks/ apps for the readers of socialwayne.com and my Twitter followers. The poll was for readers to vote on their favorite location based social network or app. During the voting process one of the most consistent comments I received was that most users didn't know there were so many location based apps available. I could see how because if you read most of the popular tech blogs you'll think there are only three or four available but that's another post to discuss. Either way I didn't receive thousands of votes but I do feel [...]

Location Based Poll: What is your favorite Location based social network/app?

We're only 14 days into 2010 and if there was one social media / technology prediction that everyone have been accurate about so far, it is that location based apps will be the next big thing. Now with 15 plus location social networks available many have already deemed Foursquare the clear leader, and if you look at the compete website numbers you'll see why. After purchasing foursquare.com around August, their website numbers have passed some of the early location based social networks in just two months by more than double.

I don't have all the data on how many users each location based [...]

How to launch your own TinyURL service using WordPress. Yes, I have one too: s1w.com

As you know the conversations about TinyURL services have really taken off the last few weeks. We have seen reports about bit.ly raised $2 million in funding, the diggbar launches with tons of controversy and just yesterday Twitter ditched TinyURL for bit.ly. The bit.ly team must be either real excited or real nervous about their future, either way congrats to them. Also a new custom TinyURL service called Awe.sm just launched that provides custom url and statics for your own domain name at $99.00 a year. But what if you wanted to launch your own TinyURL service for let's say, the cost of a [...]

Poll: ReTweet format battle: Via vs RT vs ReTweet . Which one do you prefer?

Over the past seven days I have beta tested two new desktop twitter applications, had two twitter web apps pitched for me to review and caught an exclusive look at an upcoming update to an existing twitter iPhone application. It has been one tweet of a week! As an active twitter user I don't mind beta testing or receiving pitches from developers especially when they listen to my suggestions and that's what happen yesterday while I was taking a look at a new twitter iPhone app update.

As I was looking at the iPhone app, I asked about the ReTweet format. One of the development team members [...]