3 Slide In Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Twitter user @FashionistaChik asked me about those sometimes "pesky" but effective slide in WordPress plugins you see on many popular blogs. I recently was looking for one myself for SocialWayne.com and found three.

1. Slide In from Wpmudev
2. SimpleReach Slide
3. End of Page Slide Box

If you would like more control on what content to slide in then End Of Page Slide box is suggested. If [...]

How to Embed Instagram photos into WordPress

As I'm updating SocialWayne.com, I realized I wanted a simple way to embed my instagram photos After a quick google search I found a post called "10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress"

I tried three out of the ten and found oEmbed Instagram works great for me, so I'm sticking with it. If you need to make a gallery or more with Instragm you may want to give Instagram for WordPress a try.

oEmbed Instagram
oEmbed Instagram provides one of the easiest ways to embed images in your posts and pages. Simply paste in the URL to the Instagram photo and it will automatically appear

Example [...]

4 new ways to integrate Twitter with your WordPress blog to increase vistor engagement

As many of you know tweeting a blog article or sharing a blog article among social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, friendfeed and GoogleBuzz are a great way to reach new visitors. But what if you want your readers to share a post without leaving your blog or just tweet a blog article and keep reading your other post. If so you may want to try a few of the options below. Here's 4 new ways to integrate Twitter with your WordPress blog to increase vistor engagement.

1. Like it? Tweet it! plugin

“Like it? Tweet it!” is a jQuery-powered JavaScript widget that enables visitors to your [...]

Blog Updates: Making your WordPress blog more Social

Usually on weekends I'm going through my email and trying to reach inbox zero before Monday morning but last night I decided SocialWayne.com needed a few updates. My primarily goals of updating SocialWayne.com was to make it faster, remove WordPress plugins I didn't need and add social engagement. While adding a few social engagement features I may not have reached my goal of speeding up the load time but I'm hoping WP Super Cache will handle the rest. Either way, here's what I done to SocialWayne.com to make it more social.

1. Wibiya toolbar

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most [...]

3 ways to optimize your wordpress blog for any smartphone

A few days ago @Julio on twitter asked me:" J3V: @waynesutton quick question.. how did you optimize your wordpress blog for iphone and ipod touch?

My responsoe was that I use WPTouch mobile plugin made by Brave New Code and Alex King's Wordpress Mobile Edition plugin.  But I forgot to mention MoFuse which also allows you to create a mobile version of your blog and is not limited to just wordpress.  Here's a quick look at what your Wordpress blog would look like using the two plugins and Mofuse.

1 .
WPTouch mobile plugin

2. Wordpress Mobile Edition plugin


If you're looking for [...]