Explaining the confusing state of online video via Nettuts+

There's a lot of talk in the bubble right now about Google vs Apple but this time it's not about mobile phones but online video formats. Google plans to ditch H.264 support for in Google Chrome for WebM and then ask everyone to download a new plug-in if you're using Safari or Internet Explorer. This sounds like we're going back to 2001 and flash plugins for online video.

If you're a little confused of about what Google and Apple are battling over the guys at Nettuts+ posted the The State of Video on the Web blog post. A must read.

SXSW Presentation: Becoming Real-Time Video Blogger in 2010 – Future15 Session

I'm still playing catch-up from SXSWi but I wanted to share the presentation from the Future15 Becoming Real-Time Video Blogger in 2010 session I presented at SXSW. The Future15 sessions were new to SXSWi this year allowing for more speakers to participate in a 2 hour time block on a niche topic with each speaker having 15 minutes to present. I like to call it a mix of "ignite" like talks meets SXSW. Take a look at the presentation below and let me know what you think. It's currently being featured on Slideshare's Spotlight: South by SouthWest SXSW 2010 section today too.

Friday Fix: 5 online .TV shows to keep an eye on

So l missed last Friday Fix last week and no one noticed... hmm. Anyway this week on Friday Fix is 5 online .TV shows to keep an eye on or should I say to subscribe to.

1. Rock the Job - http://rockthejob.com
About: Rock the Job helps students understand the impact of social media on their careers.

2. Bwana.TV - http://www.bwana.tv
About: Reviews and discussions on gadgets, social media, blogging and technology.

3. This week in Startups - http://thisweekinstartups.com
About: Jason McCabe Calacanis is the founder and CEO of Mahalo.com, a human-powered search engine focused on the top [...]

Poll: Help pick my video intro & why I use Vimeo

If you have seen any of my videos on WayneSutton.TV then you know they’re live shows via Ustream.TV and not pre-recorded. We’ll starting after Christmas I’ll be producing a few non live videos for the site and I’m working on a video intro, outro and intro music too. Below are two samples of the intro and I’m looking for your feedback.

The first video is a fade in single word text with a swipe animation, it’s around 14 seconds long. The second video has a fade in to stick text animation that’s 6 seconds long.

Update: The two videos below do not have any audio. thanks via [...]

Live social media, PR, blogging, journalism & online community building panel with Charlotte’s community leaders on WayneSutton.TV tomorrow

I'm excited to announce tomorrow's live show on WayneSutton.TV I'll be facilitating a conversation on Social Media, PR 2.0, blogging for community building, online journalism and social networks with some of the leaders of Charlotte’s social media community.

The panel includes:

Justin Ruckman, Designer & cofounder CLT Blog (Charlotte Blog) http://cltblog.com, co-applicant of Massively Multicontributer Online Reporting Platform, (MMORP), you can find Justin at http://jruckman.com and on twitter as @jruckman

Lisa Hoffmann, Chief Copywriter, PRstore DesignCentral, you can find her [...]