Twitter poll & feedback: What would you do without Twitter, build your own community?

If you have been reading the tech news lately then I'm sure you have seen the rumors about Google buying twitter and that Facebook tried to buy twitter? On Saturday Techcrunch posted an article from Google's CEO Eric Schmidt interview with Charlie Rose, saying that it was "Unlikely" that Google to buy Twitter.  On Friday, I was thinking about the same topic and posted a tweet saying:

If twitter goes down or purchased & closed, where will you send everyone to contact you?
Take a look at the results below curiosity of @twickie

jimoz: All 3 plus Friendfeed

about a day ago

Live social media, PR, blogging, journalism & online community building panel with Charlotte’s community leaders on WayneSutton.TV tomorrow

I'm excited to announce tomorrow's live show on WayneSutton.TV I'll be facilitating a conversation on Social Media, PR 2.0, blogging for community building, online journalism and social networks with some of the leaders of Charlotte’s social media community.

The panel includes:

Justin Ruckman, Designer & cofounder CLT Blog (Charlotte Blog), co-applicant of Massively Multicontributer Online Reporting Platform, (MMORP), you can find Justin at and on twitter as @jruckman

Lisa Hoffmann, Chief Copywriter, PRstore DesignCentral, you can find her [...]