Why google is right and has the right to ask for your real name on google+ and what they could do with it

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For the record. I agree with Eric Schmidt. It's google's platform. If they say the rules are real names then you play by the rules or you don't use it or you get bumped off. Google knows their plans for + and they don't have to tell everyone what they are right now.

When you purchase something on Amazon or with iTunes you have to use your real name, credit card information and address. Amazon and Apple/iTunes has all of that information. Apple by the way has the largest online store.

The difference is you provide both services with your email address, [...]

This week in location: @Foursquare dominates location-based services news, @Gowalla says it’s focused and more.

What a week for @Dens @naveen @tristanwalker and the @Foursquare team. From @Mashable and @CNN partnerships to securing another round of venture capital, last week Foursquare was on a roll. Over at camp @Gowalla they posted a lengthy blog post about their focus and World Cup badges. Team @TriOut launched a HTML5 check-in web app and @Standford is graduating with the @Loopt Star app. Also a few other location based services made some news this week along with a ton of blog post still debating the value of location-based services. Here's a list of location-based news from last week.

TLC + [...]

Is the future of location-based services that great or should they sell, sell, sell?

Remember this scene from the movie Trading Places?

Yesterday Ben Parr co-editor at Mashable wrote an article called "Dear Foursquare: This Is Not the Right Time to Sell" in which he discusses the uncertainty of the location-based industry and recent rumors of Yahoo buying FourSquare for $125 million. It's an interesting argument to make if the Foursquare team decides to sell or work towards being the "next big thing" as they have been called by so many industry leaders. In the post Ben highlights 5 factors to consider should Foursquare decide to sell or not: Those factors were:

  • [...]

Interviews and photos from the @Mashable / @Regator Atlanta Mixer, #Mashlanta

The Mashable / Regator Atlanta, GA Mixer was held on May 14, 2009. For more information see:

Talk Social News attended to interview some of the organizers, sponsors and attendees and we had a great time! The Mashable and Regator team planned a great event and the Atlanta community welcomed us with open arms.

FYI below is a video playlist of 10 interviews from the Mashable / Regator Atlanta Mixer. Use the navigational arrows to skip to the next video or wait for one video to end and the next [...]

Your Friday Fix: 3 Reasons to use a location based social network (Brightkite)

I just returned from a trip to Atlanta, GA for the Mashable/Regator Mixer along with my one of my business partners Jeff Cohen (@dgtlpapercuts http://digitalpapercuts.com).  It was one of those "Social Media Hustle Road trips and we used Brightkite to track our journey. While on the way back we stopped in Charlotte, NC to catch the end of REbarcamp (Real Estate Barcamp ) and had a mini conversation about how realtors could use location based social networks like Brightkite. Part of my response was an example of how realtors could take pictures of houses for sale and let their contacts on [...]

Palm Pre, Slideshare April fools fail, Mashable on your iPhone & why Hunch is a win – episode #007

Talk Social News Daily 007: topics: Palm Pre, Slideshare April fools fail, Mashable on your iPhone and why Hunch is a win.

Today's show topics:
Palm Pre, you can't touch it. Story
Slideshare April fools fail: Story

Mashable on your iPhone: Story
Hunch.com is a win

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The ultimate guide to enhance your twitter background and how it became a trend

I'm sure by now you know about twitter extended backgrounds, as some call it but do you know how they became a trend and a business model to some? Well here's a brief history lesson and a list of sites if you want to "pimp" out or band your twitter background.

Early June 2008, I saw @rickmahn 's twitter background and created one similar to his matching my current wayne-sutton.com site.

Next @Problogger had his twitter background created and I sent a tweet to @Mashable & @TechCrunch saying who was going to blog about this new trend first Mashable or TechCrunch? Mashable beat TechCrunch [...]