Location-Based Marketing/Application Survey

2010 is coming to an end and if one technology predication lived up to the hype it was the adoption and growth of location-based applications. There were check-in specials, swarm badges and various brands starting to take location-based applications main stream.

What will 2011 hold for location-based services? Only time will tell but you can help determine the success of your favorite application and future marketing trends by filling out the location-based marketing / application survey below. Thank you!


I just checked into your blog

At the core of location-based services is the term check-in. The act of checking in using location-based applications can announce to your friends and/or social graph that you are physically present at a location. From there a business/location owner can reward you for visiting the location or by publicly announcing that you’re at a location your friends may join you. The location could instantly turn into a hot spot with more of your friends joining you in a matter of minutes. Now, take the same concept and apply it to websites.

With most static websites there’s very little [...]

The 8 roles of location based marketing

For the record: There are no location-based experts. Everyone is learning. Brands are testing, agencies talking ROI & Devs. continue to codeThu Dec 02 18:54:02 via CoTweet

Yesterday I posted the tweet "For the record: There are no location-based experts. Everyone is learning. Brands are testing, agencies talking ROI & Devs. continue to code". I was venting [...]

Video from #GEOchat at SCVNGR HQ: What is SCVNGR, how is it being used & why it’s more than a scavenger hunt.

Yesterday while in Boston for #geoM, I had a chance to visit Boston's location-based startup SCVNGR for another #GEOchat live show. For the show I sat down with @NickHerbold SCVNGR's Guru & Recruiter and went on a tour of their amazing office space. You can watch the live show below.

Here are some of the questions I asked with Nick Herbold @NickHerbold

  1. Tell us about SCVNGR, when did it launch and how it's different from other LBS
  2. Who is SCVNGR target business (small, b2b, large brands) ? and users?
  3. Your title says, SCVNGR guru and Seth is chief Ninja, you like to have fun with [...]

Announcing the 1st ever State Fair location-based scavenger hunt with QR Codes at the Deep Fried TriangleTweetup

Last year during the North Carolina State Fair my partners and I joined forces with the State Fair organization team to plan the fair's first ever tweetup. It was called the Deep Fried TriangleTweetup with the theme "A Whole Lotta Happy". We wanted to say it was the first ever tweetup held at any state fair but we were the second state fair to do so but by fare the largest with over 150 attendees last year. This year, we're doing it again, bigger and better with more prizes, a live video show featuring @GregoryNG of Freezerburns and of course more deep fried food. The theme for the 2010 [...]

#GEOChat Transcript from September 21, 2010 – Tweets about location-based services

GEOChat covers all things location/geo related offline and online. The discussion also covers your favorite location-based applications such as Foursquare, whrrl, brightkite, Gowalla, TriOut, Facebook Places, SCVNGR, MyTown and more. Other topics includes privacy, API application mashups, offline marketing of location-based campaigns, and how does the entire GEO spaces affects businesses today.

If you have suggestions/questions/topics for #GEOChat please let me know in the comments. #GEOchat is held every Tuesday at 2:00 P.M. EST.

Here's the #GEOChat Transcript [...]

This Week in Location: 30 must read location-based articles from the past 7 days


@schneidermike and @EricLeist check out SCVNGR rewards

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