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This Week in Location: 30 must read location-based articles from the past 7 days

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  1. The real Facebook burglaries story
  2. Pros And Cons Of Mobile Marketing
  3. How Local Businesses can use Facebook Places
  4. Plan and share your trips with Tripline
  5. The U.S. is Catching Up to The World in the SMS Marketing Race
  6. Nick’s Crispy Tacos offers free taco via mobile challenge
  7. SCVNGR Debuts Web-Based, Self-Serve LBS Rewards Platform For Businesses
  8. PlacePunch Co-Founder Discusses The Future of Location-Based Marketing [Interview]
  9. Comparing Check-In Apps: the Location-Based Check-In and More
  10. Skyhook Adds Location Engine to Layar App for Android
  11. Sorry, But McDonald’s Did Not See a 33% Increase in Foot Traffic Because of Foursquare
  12. Foursquare Gets Down To Business With Insights
  13. Indoor Positioning and Navigation – The Next LBS Frontier?
  14. Gap Taps Foursquare Cofounders for Holiday Ad Campaign
  15. Today in Location Based Services and Apps
  16. Retailers find value in location based services Shopkick, WeReward and SCVNGR
  17. Local Social Media Marketing: How Your Peers Use Twitter, Facebook, And Blogs
  18. WeePlaces adds Gowalla and Facebook to visualize check-ins
  19. Stickybits at the Zoo
  20. Skyhook: Google forced Motorola to drop our location service, delay the Droid X
  21. Bravo celebrates their newest show with the Just Desserts Badge — and free desserts
  22. Facebook Places Propels SCVNGR to 100,000 Downloads in 48 Hour
  23. Why Geo Location Matters and Why You Should Attend Geo M
  24. The Panthers Purrsuit is On — A Social Media Challenge!
  25. You Can’t Beat the Location
  26. 10 Ways Touring Bands Can Leverage Location Apps
  27. 10 foursquare secrets worth making ‘public’
  28. Case Study: McDonald’s ups foot traffic 33% on Foursquare Day
  29. Fan Appz Integrates With Facebook® Places to Enable Location-Based Marketing
  30. 5 Important New Trends in Location

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