I got 3 words for everyone who is complaining about the iPhone 4 if you own an iPhone 4

Just scan to the front page of Techmeme.com to see some of the news about the iPhone 4, Apple and lawsuits. Despite selling a record number of iPhone 4 mobile phones at launch problems about the iPhone 4 actually started coming in before the launch date ranging from yellow spots to bad cell service. I was one of the brave (some call fools) individuals who stood in line for an iPhone 4 and so far I have noticed the cell service is not as good as it was with the iPhone 3 Gs but it's not terrible either. I did purchase a non bumper case a few days ago and I have seen no difference in cell phone [...]

Video: How to use scotch tape to fix the iPhone 4 signal problem. Who needs bumper cases when you have scotch tape?

Ok, this is sad and funny but it works. Use scotch tape on the iPhone 4 to fix the signal problem. This is some Macgyver style signal hack for the iPhone 4 going on here! Are we in the 90s or 2010? No wonder Apple wants everyone to buy the Bumper cases.

Ooh, where's my bright red duct tape?! RT @unmarketing
The $0.001 DIY iPhone 4 Antenna Fix http://goo.gl/jtCdFri Jun 25 13:31:15 via web

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