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I got 3 words for everyone who is complaining about the iPhone 4 if you own an iPhone 4

Just scan to the front page of to see some of the news about the iPhone 4, Apple and lawsuits. Despite selling a record number of iPhone 4 mobile phones at launch problems about the iPhone 4 actually started coming in before the launch date ranging from yellow spots to bad cell service. I was one of the brave (some call fools) individuals who stood in line for an iPhone 4 and so far I have noticed the cell service is not as good as it was with the iPhone 3 Gs but it’s not terrible either. I did purchase a non bumper case a few days ago and I have seen no difference in cell phone performance.

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Regardless of the iPhone 4 problems or not, the amount of blog post, tweets and news we’re seeing about the iPhone 4 is ridiculous. If there is a real problem with the latest iPhone I’m sure Apple will release a fix soon. In the mean time, there are people starving, an economy in trouble and some people creating some awesome products in the tech world that we could be blogging about and covering instead of complaining about the iPhone 4. Especially if you own an iPhone 4. Create your youtube videos, do your test, tell your friends that you’re having problems with your iPhone 4. But remember it was just last week and you’re under the 14 day window to return your iPhone and if you’re that unhappy about the iPhone 4 take your $199 and buy the HTC EVO or wait for the Droid X or just go back to your iPhone 3Gs if you havn’t sold it.

So please stop complaining about your new iPhone 4 or just Take It Back!
take it back

Via Wayne Sutton a proud iPhone 4 customer.

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