The top two reasons to jailbreak an iPhone 4 iOS

Previously I wrote a post about the top 5 reasons to jailbreak the iPhone 4 or any version iPhone but after using a jailbroken iPhone 4 for a few weeks I have two main reasons.

The first is tethering using the MyWi 4.0 iPhone app. MyWi supports both USB and wifi tethering and it's great. I have a sprint overdrive and since I've jailbroken my iPhone 4 I have used it less and less but I'm going to keep it for those just in case moment plus there are areas where Sprint is way better than AT&T. But the USB tethering option using MyWi seems faster, more stable. Also a jailbroken iPhone 4 is [...]

Let the iPhone 4 pre-orders begin!

Earlier tonight the Apple Store went down for maintenance in prep for the iPhone 4 pre-orders to start on June 15. The Apple Store is now back up, and if you want to guarantee an iPhone 4, you can now pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 for the June 24 launch which will start at 7am.

It looks like there's a new MacMini in the Apple Store too.

Did/will you pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 today?

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The really big news that Steve Jobs made at WWDC that no one is talking about

Yesterday, Steve Jobs graced the stage at WWDC 2010 to announce the iPhone 4, iOS and allowed Zynga to demo Farmville for the iPhone. Gadget, social media and Apple fanboy blogs live blogged and lusted over the new iPhone and and the upcoming features of iOS but here are a few quotes/notes that Steve Jobs made during WWDC that stand out to me that I don't see to many bloggers talking about.

1. "Apple / iTunes has the over 150 million user accounts with credit cards enabled for one-click purchasing. Making it the largest store online."
Why is this big? When you think about online stores you [...]