8 websites to help you create an instagram online profile

Instagram is one of those little startups that could. I've been blogging about Instagram since I fell in love with the app when they first launched. Now with over seven million users instagram is living up hype of what I call the new twitter and with the recent rumors that Facebook tried to buy Instagram the photo sharing startup only has one way to go and that is up. With a rapid user growth, an API that developers are building new mashups with and a list of growing brands such as Chevy, Playboy, National Geographic and ABCNews posting photos in the instagram app it's hard to believe that [...]

The 7 most popular photos on Instagram, there’s more than lol cats!

Instagram the fun easy iPhone photo sharing application is a hit for professional photographers, bloggers, and just about anyone who loves to take photos using their iPhone. I’ve been using it heavily over the past few months, but more often when I started posting movember photos. Since then my Instagram activity has increased tremendously and I’m enjoying seeing amazing photos from friends and others around the world.

Still, like any online or mobile community, after joining you will start to see a few trends. One trend for Instagram is cat photos but there are lot more than cats [...]

Will Instagram become the next big mobile social network or just one awesome photo sharing app?

Instagram features:
If you own an iPhone, like to take photos and share them with your friends or send to multiple social networks then Instagram may become your favorite iPhone application. If you want to share photos with 50 of your closest friends, then Path may be the iPhone photo sharing application of choice, or you may want to try Burstn or picplz. I’ll blog more about Path, Burstn and picplz later but back to Instagram. I would describe Instagram as a mix of flickr, Twitter, ping.fm, Facebook and Foursquare all rolled into one with the context of content based around photos. The [...]