Friday Fix: 6 ways to track your blips in Google Wave

Friday Fix are short post on niche topics/plugins/tools/presentations or you could call them short simple tips.

As Google Wave continues to evolve one of the many complaints about Wave is there is no way to receive a notification when you have a new "blip" aka Google Wave message in general. Well after a few weeks and giving programmers some time, it seems there are a few Google Wave desktop notifiers and extensions for both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Chrome Extension - Google Wave Checker

Google Wave Checker

Unofficial Google Wave Notifier for mac

Google Wave Notifier Beta for [...]

The ultimate guide to enhance your twitter background and how it became a trend

I'm sure by now you know about twitter extended backgrounds, as some call it but do you know how they became a trend and a business model to some? Well here's a brief history lesson and a list of sites if you want to "pimp" out or band your twitter background.

Early June 2008, I saw @rickmahn 's twitter background and created one similar to his matching my current site.

Next @Problogger had his twitter background created and I sent a tweet to @Mashable & @TechCrunch saying who was going to blog about this new trend first Mashable or TechCrunch? Mashable beat TechCrunch [...]