Breaking news: Twitter is broken and hit the reset button on your followers!

Zero followers. I bet there are a lot of busted social media expert egos right now.Mon May 10 17:10:40 via web

Joke! I'm sure Twitter is just having some growing pains and will work on fixing the problem soon. But I thought @jaredwsmith tweet was funny and I be we'll see a boat load of tech blogs posting about the lost followers count today. Now, let's get back to [...]

My Twitter report: From 12,000 to 26,000 followers to Flat-line & what I’m going to do about it

A little over a year ago before Twitter "jumped the shark" I was ranked in the top 100 twitter users in the world according to I cracked the top 100 around July 2008 and I think the highest I peeked was #85 soon after. This was back when the top 5 twitter users were, Kevin Rose, Leo Leparte, Barack Obama, Alex Brecht and Jason Calacanis. My buddy Robert Scoble was #6 just in case you're wondering. During this time I was still getting those "twitter is a fad", "twitter is stupid" looks while trying to show my former TV coworkers the value of twitter as a news source and a [...]

Friday Fix: Five FriendFeed Friends to Follow, I mean Subscribe to, the guys edition

TGIF everyone, this week's Friday Fix post is dedicated to FriendFeed and if you been listening to my podcast (Talk Social News) then you'll know that I'm becoming a big fan of the site and excited about it's future. But like most social networks when you create an account, add your avatar and then you start looking for a few friends to connect with. For FriendFeed I suggest the following guys below: Louis Gray, Rahsheen, Jeffisageek, Bwana and Robert Scoble, especailly if you're interested in technoogly, social media, online video, blogging, web 2.0 or just a geek who likes to stay current [...]

4 simple suggestions to gain more twitter followers #followfriday

It's Friday and you know what that means, it's #followFriday on twitter.  I know some of you are twitter-ed out, but twitter continues to be the buzz or noise of not only social media but now celebrity gossip, sports and mainstream media.  With that being said everyone is still trying to gain more followers to increase their twitter following. I'll go on record saying it's not about the followers but the relationships. But, if you want to gain more followers, here are 4 simple suggestions.

  1. Share information that people want: Example: how to information, social media topics, free items, [...]

Why I owe twitter money & you do too. Plus my thoughts on the twitter business model.

Ok by now everyone should know what twitter is and how it works, if not watch this video Twitter in Plain english and if you still need help hire me for a one on one training session via @Tweetshops. But why is twitter creating all this buzz on the internet?  Some say twitter is just an online public version of an irc chat.

Twitter started being just a low key “microblogging” social network that only a few serious geeks used to share urls and information about what’s happening in the technology community. In the beginning a lot of the links and conversations were around Engadget, [...]