Infographic: Why do you follow companies on Twitter?

As the infographic boom continues, here's an interesting infographic showing why people follow companies on Twitter. The infographic comes from the results of a survey by ExactTarget in which more than 1,500 consumers list their top motivations for following brands on Twitter. Take a look.

Via: Social Media Graphics

The infographic was created by Gerardo Obieta, G_Obieta

Why do you follow companies on Twitter? Let me know in the comments

How to unfollow EVERYONE you’re currently following on Twitter for only $25

That's right folks for only $25.00 you can unfollow everyone on your Twitter account. You can do this with a tool called SocialToo . Unfollowing everyone on or deleting almost everyone on yourTwitter account seems like the new trend for certain colleges in the social web space. @Loic has done it, and it looks like @Scobleizer has cleared out his Twitter followers too.

But why? I can't answer for anyone who have chosen to unfollow everyone or cleanup their following list but I have a few ideas such as:
1. With the recent growth of Twitter, it has become to noisy
2. You just want to start [...]

Friday Fix: Seven FriendFeed Friends to Subscribe to, the ladies edition

Last week I posted Friday Fix five guys to follow on FriendFeed and as promised with some help from my FriendFeed buddy Jeffisageek here's the ladies edition.

Wife, new mom, and FF superstar. Oh yeah, that's right.
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Friday Fix: Five FriendFeed Friends to Follow, I mean Subscribe to, the guys edition

TGIF everyone, this week's Friday Fix post is dedicated to FriendFeed and if you been listening to my podcast (Talk Social News) then you'll know that I'm becoming a big fan of the site and excited about it's future. But like most social networks when you create an account, add your avatar and then you start looking for a few friends to connect with. For FriendFeed I suggest the following guys below: Louis Gray, Rahsheen, Jeffisageek, Bwana and Robert Scoble, especailly if you're interested in technoogly, social media, online video, blogging, web 2.0 or just a geek who likes to stay current [...]