Facebook Launches Verified Pages and Profiles… Instagram Next?

Today Facebook announced verified pages similar to Twitter's Verified profiles.  Facebook's verified pages and profiles will have a blue check marks just like twitter and google plus which both use a check mark to verify profiles. I've been reading comments on Instagram, along with noticing spam and fake accounts which gives me the feeling that it won't be long before we see verified Instagram profiles soon. Below is the announcement from Facebook.

Today we're launching verified Pages to help people find the authentic accounts of celebrities and [...]

Guest Post: Managing and Updating your Facebook Profile

About Guest Author: Kelly Jones writes for www.ocnissanirvine.com. She writes for blogs as a hobby and enjoys exploring new avenues in the social sphere. Her interest encompasses a wide range of subjects ranging from technology to cooking and traveling.

With the ever increasing dominance of Social Media and our lives being all over Facebook, one needs to take some measures to analyze your Facebook profile periodically so that you can keep on using it without any adverse effects on your public profile.
It is always beneficial to review your FB profile as the site keeps on changing and we [...]

Guest Post: Facebook updates and changes are annoying, why change?

About Guest Author: Chris writes at all hours of the day and can't stop. He is a webmaster junkie and thrives on throwing bulks of information on the web.

Facebook has been changing so many things that I can even keep up. Just like everybody else I'm addicted to this social network called Facebook. As a webmaster though, I wonder why they are changing so many things. They have us all addicted in doing what we are already doing. We all knew how to do everything on Facebook and we liked it that way. Now the network keeps changing so much that I'm not sure I'm not even doing the right [...]

Podcast: The Social Geeks Episode 41 – On The Right Path

TheSocialGeeks Episode 41 - The Right Path

Join Caleb Elston, Robert Murray, Chris Miller and myself as we have great conversations around:

  • Facebook buys Gowalla.  What was the real purpose?
  • Is Path.com the new mobile app to beat?
  • If you have a whim to do something, Whim is the mobile app you need.
  • Are we too far ahead of the adoption curve of the normal user?
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