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Guest Post: Facebook updates and changes are annoying, why change?

About Guest Author: Chris writes at all hours of the day and can’t stop. He is a webmaster junkie and thrives on throwing bulks of information on the web.

Facebook has been changing so many things that I can even keep up. Just like everybody else I’m addicted to this social network called Facebook. As a webmaster though, I wonder why they are changing so many things. They have us all addicted in doing what we are already doing. We all knew how to do everything on Facebook and we liked it that way. Now the network keeps changing so much that I’m not sure I’m not even doing the right things.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think one something as beautiful as Facebook was you don’t change it. People are addicted to cocaine as a drug, are you going to try to change that.. No. Why change something when it’s doing better than it ever has and people enjoy what it is. I understand the idea everything can be bigger and better, but for a website like Facebook to do what it did is breathtaking.

With such a beautiful artform, I would not change it for the heart of me. So I guess this is me somewhat ranting on how I hate the new changes in how they even think about keep changing everything. I really disagree with how they change things and now I don’t even know how to use Facebook.

If you go all the way back to the my space age, this is basically what is happening them. They kept changing everything and allowing spam and HTML to no limit and now they do not even exist on the platform. Do you want to become a MySpace? Facebook was simple and easy just like a textbook. Now it’s integrated like a viral network.

I’m adjusted to see who has to say what on the new Facebook and how you feel about the changes they keep making.

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