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Guest Post: Managing and Updating your Facebook Profile

About Guest Author: Kelly Jones writes for She writes for blogs as a hobby and enjoys exploring new avenues in the social sphere. Her interest encompasses a wide range of subjects ranging from technology to cooking and traveling.


With the ever increasing dominance of Social Media and our lives being all over Facebook, one needs to take some measures to analyze your Facebook profile periodically so that you can keep on using it without any adverse effects on your public profile.
It is always beneficial to review your FB profile as the site keeps on changing and we keep on adding friends, posting pictures and updates without thinking on a long term basis.

Some steps that will help you in managing your profile and cleaning it up include:

1. Editing Friends
Nowadays, we keep on adding friends and the more the number, bigger is the ego boost. We should try to cleanse the friend list periodically. One should always question do we really need that person whom we only said a cursory hi at a party as a friend and do we want him to view our Holiday pics. If you delete people from the friend list, they would not know and you can get rid of unwanted baggage.

2. Friend lists
You should use the Friend Lists feature judiciously to arrange posts, pictures and updates so that only the people you want to share can actually view them. You can defines posts based on location, school family, work etc and this helps in keeping things private and public at the same time. Create groups and use them to refine your profile.

3. Sharing Info
Always keep you profile info updated as Facebook suggest lists based on the latest info. Keep you bio updated along with the personal choices and info shared. If you want, you can also hide info that you want to keep private like religious and political views.
Check you like pages and see if you want to update them and let go of some. Facebook uses this to show ads to your friends so be careful.
Get rid of the apps that you no longer use as they have access to you data. Refine the notifications list. Then update your privacy settings to refine what you want to share.

4. Review the changes made
Once you have made all the changes and updated the profile, then test and review the updated version.

As Facebook keeps on making changes on a regular basis, one should review and update our profiles on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or an annual basis so as to keep our profiles updated.

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