5 new ways to filter, find and read blog content. Blogs are back!

It seems like innovation has hit the technology community again especially in the RSS / blogging / content aggregation sector. Just a few months ago everyone was talking about or how micro-blogging sites such as Twitter would kill blogs. People were saying RSS was too slow and everyone would be using people aggregation to find information in the terms of if something was important, people through social networks such as Facebook & Twitter would tell find information that way instead of reading blogs.

While that may stay true for some, new ways of filtering, finding and reading content have [...]

Weekly Pitch: Magma – Explore, Discover, Collect, Share, Track Videos online

The Pitch:
Magma is an online video platform allowing you to explore, collect, and track videos from all over the internet.

All I know is: Magma Team

Product or service
Magma provides in-depth statistics and real-time tracking for discovering what people are watching, right now.
Contact information:

My first impressions:
Another video social network? It's clean, simple and easy to use via the magma bookmarklet.

Will I use it?
Maybe. I like the sharing and tracking video features. Anytime you can provide analytics on videos it's a good thing.

What [...]