Video: New Apple iPad app commercial shows Twitter but wait, there’s no official Twitter iPad app released yet

Take a look at the new Apple iPad is Delicious commercial below. It shows a variety of new and old iPad apps. Flipboard is featured along with a variety of other apps showing iPad gaming, drawing, and calculating capabilities. If you look at the 19 seconds mark it shows the Twitter "website" then the words friendly. The only problem is there is no official Twitter iPad app yet. I know the video wasn't necessarily about Twitter but it seem to be about iPad apps. Was it that important to show the iPad "tweeting" even though there is no official Twitter iPad app available yet? #justsayin


Has blogging or bloggers gone too commercial?

Ok, this is not your typical blog post or is it? Basically I'm asking one question, has blogging and/or bloggers gone too commercial? Are the days of blogging for the sheer joy of it been replaced with blogging for SEO or ReTweets? Do we blog for affiliate clicks and comments to show off our "social media" blog credibility?

In the beginning bloggers were called something like "pajama bloggers" and the media didn't take "us" serious but now main stream media and corporations are all trying to blog for profit. I had a conversation last week with an associate about the same topic. We both [...]