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Has blogging or bloggers gone too commercial?

Ok, this is not your typical blog post or is it? Basically I’m asking one question, has blogging and/or bloggers gone too commercial? Are the days of blogging for the sheer joy of it been replaced with blogging for SEO or ReTweets? Do we blog for affiliate clicks and comments to show off our “social media” blog credibility?

In the beginning bloggers were called something like “pajama bloggers” and the media didn’t take “us” serious but now main stream media and corporations are all trying to blog for profit. I had a conversation last week with an associate about the same topic. We both felt that a lot of bloggers have lost their voice while trying to monetize their blog content and gain traffic.

Either way, I’m rethinking why I blog and who I’m blogging for and of course this is different from corporate blogging. Also I’m not saying their is nothing wrong with trying to monetize your content but just remember why you’re blogging in the first place.

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