Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, see what had happen was… Explanation of my Black In America 4 comment about not putting money in my pocket

Tomorrow is the big day. CNN Black In America 4 airs about the NewME Accelerator and our experiences in Silicon Valley. If you have seen any of the preview trailers/commercials you can tell there are some very controversial, intense moments. You have the whole Michael Arrington situation and personally there my comment/rant where I mention President Barack Obama. Let me explain the "CONTEXT" of the situation.

First here is what I said,

It's very sad, it's 2011 and we have a black President … AND, he's not putting no money in my pocket right now directly, so what do we got to do? Play [...]

CNN’s Black in America 4 offers GetGlue limited-edition Check-in stickers

It seems CNN is going all out promoting Black In America 4. Expect to see @Soledad_OBrien live tweeting, plenty of Facebook status updates and more. Yesterday CNN announced that viewers watching Black In America 4 can pre check-in and check-in with GetGlue for limited-edition stickers.

GetGlue is offering limited-edition stickers for the next installment of CNN’s Black in America.

Before the premiere of The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley on Sunday, Nov. 13, GetGlue users can ‘check in’ to unlock exclusive stickers.

CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien  [...]

One week until CNN Black In America 4, Silicon Valley – Everything changes after this or does it? #blackinamerica

We're exactly one week away from CNN's Black In America 4, Silicon Valley - The New Promised Land hosted by Soledad O’Brien that airs Sunday, November 13, 8pm EST. There's a lot of hype around the document with all of the back and forth race/diversity talk that I'm still disappointed about. Out of the eight entrepreneurs in the house I think I'm the last one to see one of the pre-screenings but that will change this week as I'll be in Detroit with Hajj Flemmings on a few panels for pre-screenings and BrandCampU.

Regardless, I think it was reported that some 4 million people watched the [...]

When I met Michael Arrington in Silicon Valley this summer we talked about this interview….CNN Black In America 4 Documentary

Ok, things are clearly getting out of control with this whole Michael Arrington, black Entrepreneurs, CNN, Black In America 4, Silicon Valley documentary. From someone who lived it and was in the middle of this whole thing let me tell you my view point and why I think a lot of the unnecessary attacks, blog post, tweets and all needs to slow down. You can call this a butt kissing post, make up or whatever but here’s my story/opinion.

When I met Arrington twice this summer in Silicon Valley.

While working on NewMe Accelerator this summer and going to Silicon Valley there were a hand full a [...]

This week in location: @Foursquare dominates location-based services news, @Gowalla says it’s focused and more.

What a week for @Dens @naveen @tristanwalker and the @Foursquare team. From @Mashable and @CNN partnerships to securing another round of venture capital, last week Foursquare was on a roll. Over at camp @Gowalla they posted a lengthy blog post about their focus and World Cup badges. Team @TriOut launched a HTML5 check-in web app and @Standford is graduating with the @Loopt Star app. Also a few other location based services made some news this week along with a ton of blog post still debating the value of location-based services. Here's a list of location-based news from last week.

TLC + [...]

Talk Social News Episode 15: Angela Benton of Blackweb 2.0,, Mumbai, Facebook, and twitter backgrounds

Hello everyone, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and haven't spent to much money on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Either way, after taken a week off for Thanksgiving, we're back to bringing you some of leaders in Social Media on the web today. This week we had a chance to talk with our second female guest Angela Benton (@Abenton) who is the Founder and Publisher of

We talked with Angela about social media in the African-American community, how did BlackWeb 2.0 get started, challenges in being a female and building her online brand using social media and what's next for [...]

Talk Social News Episode 13: Politics4All with Thomas Cook, find out how to help a reporter out along with twitip & everything twitter, while Linkedin started planning events

By now I'm sure you're aware of how social media played a role in electing our new president and the online community is a buzz about the future of social media in government and politics. This week on Talk Social News, we explore the future of social media and politics as we talk with Thomas Cook, cofounder of Politics4All. Politics4All is a socially-networked platform that allows citizens, candidates, citizens, and groups to connect and collaborate on every level of the political spectrum. (from

Take a listen as we discuss how President-Elect Barack Obama won [...]