January Being Consistent Report – Apps, Mind Hacking, Meditation and Blogging

For 2015 I wrote how Being Consistent was my number one goal for 2015. The areas I acknowledged where I need to improve and be consistent to achieve my goals in life and with BUILDUP were; writing, reading, meetings, emails, networking, partnerships, etc.

To be more detailed since then the areas I have been consistent in since January have been the following.
One blog post everyday on SocialWayne.com (written or infographic)
Meditating everyday for at least 15 minutes using Headspace app.
Brain Training/Mind Hacking with Peak App everyday.
Working out at least five days a [...]

My Number 1 Goal For 2015 – Be Consistent

As we kick off 2015 many people start off with New Year's Resolutions or a list of goals/aspirations to keep for year. It's usually everything from losing weight, saving money etc. As for me, over the past couple of years I've been literally bit, by bit "mind hacking" myself to become a better, smarter, healthier person. I've started reading more, started mediating, eating healthier and working out. My behavior has changed from not a "Resolution" but a life style.

I believe that's what many people hope to achieve when they make up their New Yea's Resolutions. They want to make new [...]