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January Being Consistent Report – Apps, Mind Hacking, Meditation and Blogging

be consistent in 2015

be consistent in 2015

For 2015 I wrote how Being Consistent was my number one goal for 2015. The areas I acknowledged where I need to improve and be consistent to achieve my goals in life and with BUILDUP were; writing, reading, meetings, emails, networking, partnerships, etc.

To be more detailed since then the areas I have been consistent in since January have been the following.
One blog post everyday on (written or infographic)
Meditating everyday for at least 15 minutes using Headspace app.
Brain Training/Mind Hacking with Peak App everyday.
Working out at least five days a week.
Walking 10,000 steps and tracking with Jawbone and Fitbit
Tracking my all of my habits and goals with


Areas that I still need to improve on are the following:
Reading at least 30 minutes a day
Writing an article or blog post everyday
Reaching inbox zero every week
Drinking less coffee
Stop eating chocolate
Drinking more water
Getting at least seven hours of sleep a night.

Today kicks offer another month to improve and since its Black History Month and I’m planning to do a lot of writing I’m excited to make improvements.

Here’s to more consistency in February.

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