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Upcoming speaking events: It’s all about location-based services: TriOut, Foursquare and Social Media

It seems almost everyone is trying to learn more about location-based marketing or location-based services/applications. Along with how can they use mobile check-in applications with their existing marketing efforts, implement with their social media strategies and see is it worth the hype and attention to where everyone is blogging and talking about location. Just last month the entire @TriOut team spent the afternoon at the @NCTech4Good conference discussing how non-profits can use TriOut and other location-based services. Also the last two previous speaking occasions were on location. One was why measuring check-ins are important at the search exchange conference in Charlotte, NC and the other was what is location-based marketing in 2010 at a recent social media boot camp in Raleigh, NC [Slides].

Here’s a list of a few upcoming events that I’ll will be speaking on location-based services/marketing and social media.

July: Cary, NC – SAS – The core values of Social Media and personal branding for kids (not open to the public)

July, 14: Durham, NC – @TIMC_NC – Panel: Doing Business the hyper-local Social Media Way [RSVP]

Join TIMA for the July Lunch & Learn program on Wednesday, July 14th at Hotel Indigo (just off Miami & I-40 near Ruddino’s). The panel discussion will review some of the new web and mobile based applications designed for local merchants and local consumers to come together. Some programs are game based, some are “Deal of the Day” and others rely on community content building. What is all the excitement about and do the programs live up to the hype? Are they viable new sources for local advertising?

Join the expert panelists moderated by nationally recognized social media consultant Wayne Sutton. Our guests include Lawrence Ingram, creator and developer of Tri-Out, a social GPS program and Christina Gates, Community/Marketing Manager at Yelp!

July 15: Charlotte, NC – @SoFresh – Panel: The Evolution of Foursquare Marketing 7/15 [RSVP]

Foursquare and several other location based services are the new pretty girl at the party.
Join this timely panel to get the break down of how your business can begin to leverage Foursquare and other LBS platforms for your business, discover the emerging Foursquare marketing best practices, and how these technologies can improve your other marketing efforts.

Location based services, from Foursquare to Yelp to Twitter are receiving much attention as the newest channel of social media marketing. Join our panel of leading analysts and representatives of the services themselves as we discuss the value and possibilities of location based services.

July 22: Boston, MA – Panel – To Check-In or Not To Check-In? The Opportunities of Location Based Social Networking [RSVP]

Become a mayor, collect a coveted item, create a picture storyboard of where you’ve been – location based social networking (a.k.a. “LBS”) is fun, but is it more than just fun and games? Like the early stages of Twitter, LBS has its challenges (stability, adoption rates, etc.). But – whether it be lead generation, loyalty or business intelligence / data visualization and segmentation – the potential for businesses and marketers to leverage the power of location based knowledge is significant.

August 19: Raleigh, NC – Panel – @Triangleama – Location Based Marketing [more information coming soon]

Some of you may be wondering why am I talking about location so much now vs social media. We’ll I’m a partner of TriOut a location-bases service based out of Raleigh, NC were we not only provide consulting services but a service for the community and businesses. I still provide social media marketing services and more but if you or your business would like to learn how to leverage location bases services with your existing marketing efforts use the contact form on the contact page here. You can all see a list of previous speaking events here.

If you’re in the Raleigh, Charlotte or Boston area I hope you have the opportunity to attend one of the upcoming events.

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