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QR Code Generator. 8 QR Code Generators that provide analytics/tracking.

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QR Codes which stands for quick response codes are taking off among brands and agencies looking for new ways to gain attention and engage with customers/users. Sound familiar right? Regardless just look at the graphic below that shows the amount of google searches from 2004 to now for the term QR Code.

There have been a few recent blog post about how HOW TO: Create and Deploy Your Own QR Codes and a rebuttal response saying HOW NOT TO: Create Your Own QR Codes. One provides the step by step guide for creating a QR code and the other talks about how the guide leaves out the part of actually creating a QR Code. Regardless most of the people I consult with who are looking to implement QR Codes are looking to use them for their marketing efforts and you know what that means? It means at some point in time you’re going to have to show the results of your QR Code implementation strategy. Yes, the ROI and/or at least some analytics of how many times a QR Code has been scanned, the location of the individuals who scanned it, how many scans were unique and the website traffic  from a QR Code if that’s where you have QR Code pointing to or sales from the QR Code. But to track the needed information you first have to start off with a QR Code Generator that can provide those analytic for you.

QR-Code Generator

When most people who are new to QR Codes Google the term QR Code Generator they land at Kaywa’s website which provides a simple way for anyone to generator a QR Code from a Website URL, Text, Phone Number or SMS. But to my knowledge Kaywa doesn’t provide tracking or analytics which are very important (Kaywa does provide analytics)deepening on your QR plans as I stated above. If you’re looking for a QR Code Generator that provides analytics/tracking here are seven options.

i-nigma campaign dashboard
  1. (free and paid options)
  3. ( free and paid options)
  6. (Track QR Codes on business cards to linkedin profiles)

If you’re looking for a QR Code Reader see my blog post: 10 iPhone QR Code Reader Applications to get you ready for the QR marketing madness

As we see more QR Codes across the US expect a wave of new QR Code generators that provide analytics to be launched along with the  mashup of QR analytics in current analytics platforms that focuses on social media analytics or website statistics.

What QR Code generator are you using and does it provide analytics/tracking features?

UPDATE: Kaywa sent me the following Tweet. Oops! Thanks for the information.

@waynesutton Kaywa has QR Code analytics for ages (since 2006)
Check our Guide: and API http://api.qrcode.kaywa.comTue Sep 07 15:03:05 via web

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