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11 must see QR Code Marketing and Implementation Campaign Videos


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Lately I’ve been focusing on two areas, location-based marketing and QR Code implementation with various clients. Both can work without the other but can have some awesome results when used together such as scavenger hunts, check-in at food trucks along with location verification and analytics. During my research I’ve been reading various blog post and looking at videos of pervious QR Code implementai across the globe. Notice I said across the globe being that while there are a few QR Code examples from brands in the USA, overseas they have been using QR Codes for years.

Being that QR Code use is still new in the USA, sometimes you may need additional marketing efforts to educate your audience on what a QR Code is, what app to use or download to scan a QR Code and/or a sneak peak of what they will receive if they scann a QR Code. With that being said here are 11 must see QR Code marketing and implementation campaign videos.

Zoo Records “Hidden Sound”

via 2d code

Hyundai QR Code Car video

via 2d code

Enter the secret world of Labrinth using QR Codes.

First Designer 2D Barcode for TV – True Blood Season 3 Trailer Designer QR Code (don’t blink, you’ll see it for 1 second at the 25 sec. mark. FAIL)

Tissot Models Wearing QR Code Shirts at MotoGP Race

TriOut2 Beta Demo: QR Check In

All The Lovers – Kylie (QR Codes on exploding milk cups.. awesome)

Moscow QR Code Treasure Hunt

via 2d code

QR Codes Make Me Wanna DANCE {VIDEO}

via QR Anywhere

History of Symbology & 2D

Via 2D Code

QR Code Spam ( Don’t let me catch you doing this)

via 2D Code

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How are you marketing your QR Codes?

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