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Video: What’s on Oprah’s favorite things 2010 list? The iPad. This is better than any iPad app commercial

First Twitter had it’s Oprah moment, then Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on the show and today, no it wasn’t Steve Jobs but the iPad. During the Oprah show today, the queen of all media announcing her favorite things 2010 list dropped down a floating iPad with what looked like either Victoria Secret wings or Angle wings, either way the iPad had wings! Before Oprah even announced that everyone in attendance was receiving a free iPad the crowd was going crazy! Steve Jobs couldn’t make a better iPad commercial if Apple tried. Take a look!

Oprah also stated how she plays her favorite game on the iPad, which is Scrabble and you can now read the O magazine on the iPad as well.

What do you think? Is this the best iPad commercial of all time that’s really not an iPad commercial?


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