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Follow Friday: The Location Edition. 15 twitter users to follow who’s all about location.

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Follow Friday on Twitter. Millions are tweeting with the hashtag #FF or #followfriday. There are so many people to suggest to follow on Twitter I usually avoid it. But this week due to all of the location conversations between #GEOChat and #LBSChat I decided to post a Follow Friday location edition blog post. Hat-tip to Chris Brogan for the blog idea.

Follow Friday the Location Edition:

  1. @jodiontheweb
  2. @incslinger
  3. @maxgladwell
  4. @EricLeist
  5. @mrahmey
  6. @ShannonRenee
  7. @rojoroach
  8. @HarrisonPainter
  9. @GreggVM
  10. @LawPower
  11. @aaronstrout
  12. @bryanperson
  13. @schneidermike
  14. @holaphil
  15. @Jakrose
  16. @lawrencecoburn

If you’re looking for Twitter list to keep up with the growing list of location-based apps and other geo related news here are  10 geo location Twitter list to follow.

  1. by @ericleebow
  2. by @Scobleizer
  3. by @lawrencecoburn
  4. by @jeffcarroll
  5. by @jasonbirch
  6. by @GeoEntelechy
  7. by @tlists
  8. by @wefollow
  9. by @wefollow
  10. by @Mashable
Who are your favorite person to follow on Twitter for location-based news?

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