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11 iPhone QR Code Reader Applications to get you ready for the QR marketing madness


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Photo via: QR Anywhere

It seems that major brands are jumping on the QR Code bandwagon. Earlier this year it was Calvin Klein, now FOX Network has announced that viewers can gain instant access to content for FOX shows via FOX CODES (custom QR codes for Fox). Just last week I saw Gap use QR code in stores for user generated apparel recommendations. Both Best Buy and AT&T have released mobile apps with QR code readers too. Soon you’ll see QR Codes at Best Buy locations like the one above as well.  The question I have about the FOX Network QR code/ Fox Code what if you don’t have a DVR then you’re going to have to be quick with your favorite QR reader or just keep watching FOX for the next QR code to flash on screen if you want to scan it. That’s probably what FOX is going for but note, QR codes stand for Quick Response not quick rush to show a code. For example look for the QR code at the end of the video below. It shows for 1 second.

Video via @gavins

Regardless here are 10 iPhone QR Code Reader Applications to get you ready for the QR marketing madness


  1. SocialWayne QR Code Reader [ itunes link]
  2. NeoReader [ itunes link]
  3. Optiscan [ itunes link]
  4. StickyBits [ itunes link]
  5. Barcode [ itunes link]
  6. QuickMark [ itunes link]
  7. TagReader [ itunes link]
  8. Redlaser [ itunes link]
  9. ScanLife [ itunes link]
  10. Mirascape [ itunes link]
  11. Best Buy [ itunes link]

Also note that we’re building in a QR Code reader with the next version of TriOut iPhone app to enable quick check-ins. We believe QR Codes and location-based services are a perfect tech mashup.

Update 2:
TriOut v2 for the iPhone with built-in QR Code reader is now available. Here’s the iTunes App store [iTunes link]

TriOut v2 social location-based app in iTunes

What QR Code reader do you use?

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