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BlogWorld Notes: Tweets from B2B Social Media Panel with @kbodnar32 at @blogworld #bwe09

This session offers entry and intermediate level participants an understanding of the impact of social media on B2B companies. Attendees will leave with a hands-on understanding of how to evaluate social media’s relevance for B2B industries, how to set up employee guidelines for social media participation, how B2B sales forces can leverage social media, and how to leverage social media for inbound sales leads.

B2B marketers around the world are slowly understanding that regardless of industry, their customer base is active online. In this session industry leaders in leveraging social media for B2B marketing provide detailed advice and examples for participants. Attendees will leave with the information they need to have an educated discussion with management about evaluating social media’s relevance for their organization.

Moderator: Kipp Bodnar

Panelists: David B. Thomas (SAS), Kyle Flaherty (Breaking Point Systems), Mica Veihman, (Monsanto Company)

The Tweets from Social Media B2B panel using hashtag: bweb2b

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