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I Just Completed 10 days of Meditation with Headspace App

After doing some self reflection in late 2012 I started practicing meditation. That along with many nights at the gym for all of 2013 helped me along the way on my journey of self improvement. Since 2014 then I've been on and off again meditating. The same can be said about the gym but I'm working on being more consistent and using a couple of apps to help me along the way.

For meditation I'm a big fan of website and app. When I visited NC a couple of weeks ago I used the calm app to meditate with my son Micah. He's 3 1/2. After reading my friend Stacy aka the Zen Girl's
morning [...]

What’s Really Needed For Success and Growth?

Yesterday after working out I was thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next year and what behavior traits the mind needs for success and growth. I also was thinking about how to change cultures in various demographics such as low-income communities where the digital divide is very real along with other disparities.

I believe there are three behavior traits people need to be have. The first being having a mindset that they can learn anything. I'm not talking about just learning to code but anything from data science, to flying a plane to swimming. The second is a passion to [...]

A Brunch for Building Relationships in San Francisco

Back in August one of my good friends Brian Martinez decided to host a brunch for a group of guys in San Francisco. You see, if you look at the picture a couple of reasons why this brunch was important.

Today, we held our second brunch. There were a couple of new faces and we're excited about the group and the relationships that are forming. The brunch consist of passionate individuals from startup founders, doctors, lawyers, investors, investment analyst, product managers and overall good people and friends.

Guys Brunch 2.0

Email [...]