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1ST Annual Blacks in Technology Entrepreneurship Week, Durham NC

1ST Annual Blacks in Technology Entrepreneurship Week, Durham NC

November 6 – 13, 2011 Durham, NC – The 1st Annual Blacks in Technology Entrepreneurship Week holds promise like no other. The theme for this year’s event is “Changing the Face of Technology” and focus’ on NC natives and residents who are indeed changing the face and landscape of technology entrepreneurship. Katrina M Harrell in connection with 100 Urban Entrepreneurs of NC will honor six extraordinary minority innovators in technology and entrepreneurship:

This year’s kick-off event on Sunday, November 6, 2011 will be held at the spectacular and historic Bay 7 in the American Tobacco District, Durham NC, as a networking and celebration event not only celebrating the accomplishments of the honorees but also providing unsurpassed networking opportunity among Top entrepreneurs throughout the state. Networking begins at 6:00pm with the honoree event & program beginning promptly at 6:30pm. November 13, 2011 viewing party of the CNN show to be announced.

An array of sponsorship and vendor opportunities is also available. Any questions regarding sponsorship should be directed to the contact information below. The event founder seeks a goal to raise $10,000 to help fund an Entrepreneurship program at a Historically Black College or University within the state of North Carolina.

Registration for the event can be completed online by visiting 
 or by contacting Katrina Harrell at 919-438-BITE (2483) or via email:

About 100 Urban Entrepreneurs – 100 Urban Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping provide a long-term economic boost to urban communities throughout the United States by supporting entrepreneurship at its earliest stages. 100 Urban Entrepreneurs seeks to identify, fund and mentor 100 of the most promising young businesspeople from economically disadvantaged communities who might otherwise lack access to startup capital and a professional network. Our goal is to provide the tools to help talented young dreamers create viable, profitable companies and create jobs within urban America. For more information,

About Katrina M Harrell – North Carolina resident and Businessperson,Katrina is the founding CEO of Your Simple Bookkeeper, Inc. which was the recipient of 100 Urban Entrepreneur funding grant in 2010. As founder of BITE week, Katrina Harrell is an advocate for entrepreneurship as a wealth builder for people of color and women. Ms. Harrell is also the President of the KM Harrell Group, LLC a strategic business development & consulting firm offering business strategy solutions to create profitable business models. She has been featured in, Top 200 Leading Moms in business by and a host of other media outlets. For more information, visit

Event Title Sponsors: American Tobacco District, Your Simple Bookkeeper, Inc.,, Opulent Suites Media & PR, Selections entertainment.

Photos from the 2 Blacks In Tech Meetup @ SXSW sponsored by Ogilvy

As you know the conversations about TinyURL services have really taken off the last few weeks. We have seen reports about raised $2 million in funding, the diggbar launches with tons of controversy and just yesterday Twitter ditched TinyURL for The team must be either real excited or real nervous about their future, either way congrats to them. Also a new custom TinyURL service called just launched that provides custom url and statics for your own domain name at $99.00 a year. But what if you wanted to launch your own TinyURL service for let’s say, the cost of a new domain name $7.99, one hour and another wordpress install? That’s what I’ve done with the help of a few blog post. Here are the links for your reading and the outcome.

Instructions – Installing Your Own WordPress-Based DIY TinyURL In < 1 Hour
The results from following the instructions from the link above:
I have domain name which stands for Short ones by Wayne. :) that auto redirects to
I have a PressThis bookmarklet that creates a custom TinyURL using, example: is from
I have a wordpress login to monitor stats using WP-ShortStat and Wassup.
Short 1 by Wayne › ShortStat — WordPress_1241703491244

If you’re not familiar with FTP, PHP or customizing wordpress I suggest that you hire someone (hint) if you would like to create your own TinyURL service using the option above. Another option for WordPress users is the RevCanonical plugin. RevCanonical “generates a short url for your pages, as well as adding link shortening discovery.” For example by installing RevCanonical my default post url: was shorten to . You’ll also need a bookmarklet called Shorten to display the custom RevCanonical URL.

For and wordpress users, the creator of RevCanonical has a plugin called TweetMe that will auto create a URL or use your own domain’s RevCanonical url and send a tweet for each new post. This seems to work well versus using TweetSuit or TwitterTools to auto send a tweet when you publish a new blog post.

Corvida asked on FriendFeed: “What’s URL shortener do you use?” My response was and now I can add my own TinyURL service to the list,

Some of you may be asking why create your own TinyURL service? For me it was, I wanted more control over my links, I thought it was good for SEO and sharing on twitter and I thought it was a super geek cool thing to do. But here’s a blog post called: 10 Reasons To “Roll Your Own” TinyURL Using WordPress, if that’s not good enough for you.

The only thing left for me to figure out is how to add my custom or RevCanonical url to my post like TechCrunch has (see image below).

URL Shortening Wars_ Twitter Ditches TinyURL For

More links about creating your own TinyURL service:
Create Your Own Short URL and Keep the Branding to Yourself
URL Shortening Hinting
la petite url

Have you created your own TinyURL service or thought about it? Did you ever think TinyURLs would be this big?