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What’s the next big thing? – Q & A from #www2010 #fw2010

Today while on the future of social networks panel at www2010 / futureweb 2010 we were asked what’s the next big thing in social networks. The panel was moderated by Fred Stutzman founder of ClaimID, Chris Dibona of Google, Dave Recordon of Facebook, Henry Copland of BlogAds and Zeynep Tufekci of UMBC. The panel was very lively as the discussion was around Facebook’s privacy, managing friends online and can you live without being on Facebook. Along with conversations how you can use social networks for social good.

Interesting enough one of the questions from the audience was, what’s the next big thing or next big social network they should pay attention too. Being that one panel member is from Google, the other from Facebook you can guess what they said, Zeynep joked and said Facebook will take over the web, Henry and I agree on a level that some new soon to be announced platform could be just as popular as Facebook and Google now. When it came to me I repeated the question and stated that I felt like the guy asking the question was trying to verify what he may have read online that a very popular location-based app may be the next big thing. I don’t agree or suggest that any one platform at this current time will be the next big thing therefor I stated the following which was tweeted by @ImagineInternet “An aggregation of social platforms around your home base is going to be the next big thing.” – @waynesutton #fw2010 #www2010″.

In other words I believe moving forward people while start creating there own social networks via their website/blog that will pull in feeds and friends from existing/new social networks around content that they find valuable to their interest.

Do you agree or do you think some new shiny social network will be the next big thing and draw users from Facebook, Twitter or others?

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