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5 ways to check into the super bowl from your couch and collect some badges – Poll

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Super Bowl 45 is today between the Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL along with various brands have all gone social media crazy this year. For Super Bowl 45 we have everything from pre released Super Bowl commercials trying to go “viral” such as my personal favorite the VW’s “The Force” Super Bowl Ad to anti super bowl marketing such as the Network Solutions GoGranny campaign. Visa even has a social media, twitter, measuring dashboard where you can tweet from at


Not to be left out of the social media conversations and Super Bowl hype foursquare has partnered with the to reward foursquare users who check into the actual Super Bowl game in Texas with a special badge. For everyone else watching the big game, you can shout “Go Steelers” or “Go Packers” with your foursquare check-in to unlock a Steelers or Packers team badge. The foursquare Super Bowl Sunday promotion is the startups first global venue and something I believe is the beginning of a pivot for foursquare as they could join other media check in apps to allow foursquare users to check into TV shows, movies along with offering group discounts to compete with Groupon and living social. It’s something I mentioned yesterday during an interview with News14. You can watch the News14 interview here: Foursquare offers ‘Super’ deals for football fans.

But what if you’re not using foursquare? There now four applications that allow you to check into any TV show or movie. Three of the apps I reviewed previously in a post called 3 Ways to check-in to your favorite TV show or movie which mentioned Miso, GetGlue, ScreenTribe and now there’s a forth one called IntoNow.

intonow intonow

IntoNow tagline reads “Connect with your friends around the shows you love” and the iPhone app acts like a Shazam but for TV shows. I really like the simplicity and interface of IntoNow. It’s a much watch startup.

What is your favorite media/tv check-in app?

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