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Video: The iPad Orchestra, classical music embraces tech

First there was the ipad + “Eye of the Tiger” music video preformed with the iPad and now we have the iPad Orchestra. The iPad Orchestra video features four musicians representing the Clarinet, Cello, Flute, and Violin which they are playing via the iPad and their awesome T-Shirts. They’re playing “Sweet Dream” performed live for an audience on August 20, 2010 composed by Ilya Plavunov. Take a look.

As I stated in the iPad Eye of the Tiger video post, how amazing it would be if artist could use the iPad to preform shows instead if traditional music equipment. Well, it seems like that time has come and we’re only seeing the beginning of the iPad + live performances. Actually before the iPad Eye of the Tiger there was the iPad DJ.

If you missed the ipad + “Eye of the Tiger” music video check it out below.

Thanks to Mike who sent me the iPad Orchestra video.

Would you rather see a live show with traditional music equipment or with the iPad or it doesn’t matter just as long as they sound awesome?

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