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The official Twitter for iPad app now available, is it the best Twitter app for the iPad? Screenshots

Last night Twitter finally updated their Twitter app for the iPad [iTunes link]. The update makes their current Twitter app universal, meaning its one app that’s optimized for both the iPhone and  iPad so users don’t have to download two apps for both platforms. I’ve blogged over the months since the iPad was released about the numerous amounts of Twitter iPad apps but now that Twitter has realsed their app is it the best Twitter app for the iPad? I think it’s too early to tell but by the feedback from the blogospher it sounds that way. Besides why would you pay $9.99 or $4.99 for other Twitter iPad apps when the official app is free and works great?

From iTunes what’s new in Twitter 3.1

Twitter for iPad launches in this version:
Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world with the official Twitter for iPhone app.
Realtime search, Top Tweets, trending topics and maps show whats happening now everywhere and nearby.

What is Twitter for iPad? And how is it different from our iPhone app?
Twitter for iPad brings your Tweets together with web pages, photos, videos and more. Tap on any tweet, and a related content pane will open, displaying any linked content from the tweet, including web pages, profile information, hashtag searches and similar users. Slide panels from side to side and quickly navigate through related content.

There’s also easy ways to quickly peek into a tweet
– Pinch on a tweet to quickly unfold related information and actions
– Use two fingers to drag on tweet and reveal replies

Here are a few screenshots of Twitter for the iPad.
Twitter for iPad

Twitter for iPad

Twitter for iPad

Twitter for iPad

Here are a few notes on the official announcement from Twitter’s blog about new features for  Twitter for the iPad:

Panes: Tapping on a Tweet opens a pane to the right. Depending on the content in that Tweet, you’ll see a video or photo, or maybe a news story, or perhaps another Tweet. You can continue tapping on Tweets, opening new panes, and getting new content as long as you’d like to. And, it’s really easy to move between panes by swiping to the right or left.

Media: When you tap a video link or open a web page with an embedded video, you can play that video inline. And, let’s be honest, video is great but sometimes it can take some time to load. The panes in Twitter for iPad let you look through your timeline while a video is loading, and then you can just swipe back to the video when it’s ready to play. You can also pinch on a video to watch it fullscreen.

Gestures: You can pinch on a Tweet to quickly view details about the author and to take actions on a Tweet, such as reply or retweet. Put two fingers together and pull down on a Tweet to peek at the replies, showing the entire conversation leading to that Tweet.

No need to login: You don’t even need to sign up to get started with Twitter for iPad. We’ve selected great Twitter accounts that you can see in various categories, such as Art & Design, Sports, and News. You can also search, view trends, and find breaking news. Sign up at any time to create your own timeline and start tweeting

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If you have downloaded Twitter for iPad and other Twitter iPad apps, do you think the official Twitter app is the best Twitter iPad application?

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