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TriOut iPhone app 1.4 coming soon with Push Notifications just in time for TriOut for Business. by @LawPower

We just submitted version 1.4 of the TriOut iPhone app. Beside the normal bug fixes and speed enhancements, there’s two big features:

1. Push Notifications for all messaging. This means you can get private messages and friend requests pushed to you as soon as they’re sent, like a txt message. We’ve also added push for friend check in, great for finding people when you’re out for the night hitting the clubs. The great thing is you can turn them on or off from within the app whenever you like, no annoying messages in the middle of the night.

2. TriOut for Business is now fully integrated into the app. I’ll get into more details next week, but in a nutshell, you can now get and share coupons and special offers from participating businesses you’ve visited. If you choose, they can be sent to your email and supports push too, so if there’s a time sensitive offer like a free cup of coffee today only, you won’t miss it. Like everything else in TriOut, you have full control, we won’t push or email anything to you unless you say so.

I’m not sure how fast things are going with the App Store right now, but I’d expect it to hit sometime next week. The TriOut mobile web app will also be updated to support TriOut for Business, we don’t want to leave you out. We hope you like the updates and take advantage of the great local deals we’ve been able to line up for TriOut users.

Guest post by Lawrence Ingraham from May 1, 2010 on

Written by: Lawrence Ingraham, Founder/Lead Developer for TriOut. Follow Lawrence on Twitter. You can reach Lawrence via email at

Disclaimer: I’m a partner with TriOut a location-based startup in NC where I serve as the Business development/marketing strategist.

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