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Case Study: Golden Corral “Cary” launches a location-based check-in iPad contest. Location-based marketing 101

As location-based marketing continues to catch on more companies are coming up with creative ways to attract customers. If you look at maybe 7 out of 10 examples of companies using location-based services I would say that restaurants are leading the way. Reason be that restaurants have a consistent traffic of customers walking through there doors but they also have the challenge gaining new customers and keeping their existing customers therefore making location-based marketing a perfect mix.

Last week we met with MMI Public relations to discuss location-based marketing opportunities for their client Golden Corral Cary, NC. We discussed and demoed TriOut for business and ways for Golden Corral to use social media and other location-based services to make sure they reach their target audience and participation goals. Today MMI announced Golden Corral’s check-in contest and kick off event. Here are the details.

Want to eat for free? The first 50 people to RSVP will eat for free! RSVP here ->
Join Golden Corral at the Cary location on May 12 from 6pm – 8pm for some Foursquare, TriOut and Gowalla fun!

Check-in Contest:

  • The promotion runs from May 12 – June 16, 2010.
  • Please show your phone’s “check in” screen from any of the location based apps at the register to be eligible for a free meal and to be entered into the iPad drawing.
  • The Foursquare mayor is eligible to receive one free buffet and drink per day. If the mayor chooses not to dine that day, the free meal is forfeited for the day (no roll over minutes).
  • The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad winner will be selected at the end of the promotion period (week of July 12).

You can find Golden Corral Cary social media profiles here:
Twitter: @GC_Cary

We’re excited to be working with MMI and Golden Corral, Cary and looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.

As location-based marketing is still evolving and others looking to do the same as MMI / Golden Corral Cary take a look at how they launched their contest:

  • Announced Contest on Facebook to bring awareness to fan page
  • Setup event registration using eventbrite to archive participates
  • Tweet contest linking to Facebook page, again bringing awareness to page
  • Didn’t limit location-based contest to one service to reach a wider range of users
  • Created a branded unique twitter hashtag for the contest. #GCCary
  • Being that it’s a location-based contest did market research to reach target audience

What are your thoughts on the contest and would you have done anything different to launch it?

*Disclaimer: I’m a partner in TriOut where I service as the  business development and marketing strategist.

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