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This Week in Location: 41 Location-based services articles you may have missed

Location-Based Apps Names

Another week and that means it’s time for This Week in Location wrap up. A list of articles about location-based services. Here are 41 location-based articles from last week that you may have missed along with a few videos.

Inside the most-popular location game maker

What Sucks About Foursquare Today

View more presentations from JESS3.

The Video Guide to Facebook Places for Businesses

Foursquare usage curve « turnbulled
  1. Tourality – Location-Based Game
  2. GetGlue: The Entertainment Social Networking App for iPad
  3. Miso is a PepsiCo10 Company!
  4. Marketing Nuggets: Cause Awareness, Location Marketing & Getting Ideas from Local Media
  5. TriOut opens new office at Design Box downtown Raleigh
  6. Virgin America Sees Success!
  7. Geolocation is now rewarding
  8. Beyond the check-in to the check out
  9. Will Check-Ins Spur the Return of ‘Must See TV’?
  10. People Robbed After Checking-In On Facebook
  11. Geo-location is where it’s at, but should financial services brands check-in?
  12. Moviefone 2.0: National Post is using Foursquare to add content and context to the Toronto Film Festival
  13. Foursquare usage curve

  14. The Video Guide to Facebook Places for Businesses

  15. Foursquare 2.0 to leverage webOS 2.0
  16. SCVNGR Review: Could this be the foursquare of real estate
  17. IFC and Foursquare: The Always On, Slightly Off Guide to America
  18. Why Your Church Should Be Listed On Foursquare

  19. Foursquare & Buzz: Building Community or Too Close for Comfort?
  20. Location-based services not connecting with consumers

  21. Colleges Discover Foursquare
  22. Location-Based Services and Social Media
  23. Study: Location-Based Services Users are Passionate but Niche
  24. Foursquare’s Indonesia “problem” isn’t really a problem at all
  25. Will Facebook Places pay off for location-based companies?
  26. PlacePunch Launches Location-Based Marketing Platform For Foursquare, Twitter And Facebook
  27. Reggie Bush Uses Foursquare and Stickybits for Football Scavenger Hunt
  28. Context Optional Helps Brands Run Location-Based Promotions On Facebook Places
  29. I’m the mayor of cinnabon on foursquare
  30. Inside the most-popular location game maker

  31. Volvo, H&M Eye Unique “Virtual Currency” Mobile Marketing In Booyah’s MyTown App
  32. Bizarre findings from Myxer’s location based survey
  33. The State of Localization, InfoGraphic
  34. State of Location Based Services
  35. GetGlue for iPad Wants to Be Your Couch Surfing Companion
  36. Four Seasons Joins Geo-Social Gold Rush With California Campaign
  37. Washington Redskins Tackle Foursquare
  38. Facebook Places Propels SCVNGR to 100,000 Downloads in 48 Hours
  39. Why larger firms are losing out under Google Places Optimisation
  40. Location-Based Marketing Takes Center Stage At Upcoming Event- Promo For MMW Readers
  41. 3 Questions About Location-Based Social Networks with Loopt CEO Sam Altman

Old School: From IBM in 2002 Location-based services: Wherever you are, wherever you go, get the information you want to know

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