Writing & finding good original content but is it for Google or Twitter? – episode #014

Our good friend Louis Gray wrote a blog post over the weekend called "Are You Writing Your Headlines for Google or for Twitter?" On today's show Kipp and Wayne discuss Louis's post, finding good "ORIGINAL" content, creating a network for traffic and who are you writing for; (google or twitter) .

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Poll: Help pick my video intro & why I use Vimeo

If you have seen any of my videos on WayneSutton.TV then you know they’re live shows via Ustream.TV and not pre-recorded. We’ll starting after Christmas I’ll be producing a few non live videos for the site and I’m working on a video intro, outro and intro music too. Below are two samples of the intro and I’m looking for your feedback.

The first video is a fade in single word text with a swipe animation, it’s around 14 seconds long. The second video has a fade in to stick text animation that’s 6 seconds long.

Update: The two videos below do not have any audio. thanks via [...]