TEDx Video: Value Execution over ideas via Chris Brown on Lean Startup and bootstrapping for entrepreneurs

Video: TEDxPhnomPenh - Chris Brown - Lean Startup a bootstrapping guide for budding entrepreneurs

Software developer, entrepreneur, and general geek, Chris is a vocal and omnipresent figure in Cambodia's burgeoning hacker community. Chris has founded or partnered in several software startups which are proud to have built their products in Cambodia and sold them globally. Chris is an active member of the Barcamp movement, attending and speaking at events across the region, and is also a founding member of the up-and-coming Phnom Penh HackerSpace. Chris's vision is for Cambodia's software [...]

Genius mashup of using QR Codes and your printed resume to help you standout above the crowd

Inspired Use Of QR Code On CV, Victor Petit printed a QR Code on the back of his resume. What's the big deal? Well, like I've said previously its less about the QR Code and more about the content that is being delivered after a user scans the QR Code along with the entire mobile experience that makes QR Code valuable. Get it? If not, just watch the video clip below.

As you can see, it's a genius mashup of using QR Codes and your printed resume to help you standout above the crowd. It's smart and the video has already been viewed over 49,000 times. In Vimeo numbers that's.. hate to say it [...]

Explaining the confusing state of online video via Nettuts+

There's a lot of talk in the bubble right now about Google vs Apple but this time it's not about mobile phones but online video formats. Google plans to ditch H.264 support for in Google Chrome for WebM and then ask everyone to download a new plug-in if you're using Safari or Internet Explorer. This sounds like we're going back to 2001 and flash plugins for online video.

If you're a little confused of about what Google and Apple are battling over the guys at Nettuts+ posted the The State of Video on the Web blog post. A must read.

3 motivational YouTube videos to help you increase productivity and profitability in 2011

We are wrapping up the first full week of 2011 and depending on how your week was or your 2010 ended you may need a little motivation. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, blogger, programmer or businessman/woman everyone has a goal to be more productive and profitable in the new year. Look no further here are three motivational YouTube videos to help you increase productivity and profitability in 2011.

Sean Walker - The Truth (Motivational Speech)

Tip: http://www.centernetworks.com/

I am a champion - the greatest speech ever [ENG SUB]

Tip: Peter Shankman

Jim Kukral Keynote at [...]

Google releases the official Honeycomb/Android 3.0 Preview video

If you are currently using Google's Android OS on a tablet you'll notice at times it's not as slick or intuitive as a tablet OS should be especially one from Google. That's because the current Android OS wasn't really made for tablets. That will all change soon as Google is set to release Android 3.0 what is also known as Honeycomb.

A few days ago Google released a teaser video of the new tablet optimized Honeycomb/Android OS as the wave of tablet announcements are being made at CES this week running the new OS. Take a look.

Are you excited about new Honeycomb/Android powered tablets [...]

New Skype video to promote making Skype Video calls on the iPhone. Now what T-Mobile?

Last night Skype finally announced the capability to make video calls using the iPhone. The new version of Skype for the iPhone supports video calls on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4th generation with i0S 4.0 or above. It was rumored that Skype was going to announce Skype video calls for the iPhone at CES after a leaked document but I guess Skype wanted to give everyone a New Years gift being that New Years Day is one of Skype's most active days of the year.

To help promote the new version of Skype for the iPhone, Skype launched a new promotional video/commercial. I'm not sure [...]